Managed Detection And Response Service

Managed Detection And Response Service

Managed Detection and Response Service will help you gauge the impact of cyber breaches. An investigation is necessary, and a containment and recovery process needs to be implemented by experts. Infosec Mates’s Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) is a complete cyber security service that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and machine learning to provide high speed cyber defence.

Any organization that is exposed to an incident faces a dent to their brand reputation and also any legal liability.

Why is MDR Required ?

When a cyberattack takes place in your organization, an expert handling is the need of the hour. Precious time is lost when you depend on in-house processes to recover from the incident. A specialist is required to your solve the issue without further damage to your organizations’ data.


Security Monitoring

24x7x365 Monitoring

Incident Response

Manage the life cycle of your security

World Class CDC

Our cyber defense center employes certified experts and best class market tools

Infosec Mates Managed Detection and Response Service Provides

In the face of seemingly overwhelming security threats and campaigns, organizations are also coping with increasing security budgets and a challenging security job market lean on skilled security analysts. Gaining more protection, insight, and compliance without adding more tools and people is a goal that enterprises of all sizes seek.

Infosec Mates MDR service can provide beneficial security services capable of meeting and sustaining an organization’s goals:


Threat Anticipation

The ability to actively forecast where your next attacks may be coming from

Threat Hunting

Proactively identifying security incidents or threats that automated detection tools may miss

Continuous (24x7x365) Real-Time Security Monitoring

Always on alerting in your environment

Incident Analysis

Structured process for identifying incidents, how and why they happened, and how to reduce the chance of them happening again

Incident Remediation

Providing solutions that prevent future incidents from happening


Why Infosec Mates MDR Services?

  • You get expert and professional solution
  • Identification of affected applications, network systems and user accounts
  • Detection of malicious software and exploited vulnerabilities
  • A detailed report of the accessed data as well as the stolen data
  • An actionable report will be provided that lays down procedures and process to minimize future attacks.

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