Incident Response & Threat Hunting

Incident Response & Threat Hunting Solutions from Infosec Mates:


InfoSec Mates identify the right solutions and implement the Incident Response & Threat Hunting solutions to address business needs and enhance the security posture of organization. Security professionals lack the ability to perform a deep drive beyond the identification of suspicious activities when handling incidents.  With the non-presence of this capability, it is often difficult to determine the extent and scope of the compromise when handling the security incident or performing threat hunting with in your organization.

InfoSec Mates helps organization to build incident response and threat hunting solutions designed for companies to give complete control over network and actively defend against adversary

Incident Response & Threat Hunting

Hunt for behavior anomaly and expand at scale using tools

Incident Response & Threat hunting


Organization may need to move away from the legacy method of light weight incident response using batch files, because this method itself introduces the risk of caching the credentials at the remote machine and often cause performance issues. The evolution of EDR space is moving in to maturity space, which eventually helps a lot in identifying the compromised systems at scale and provides output in the format which can be analyzed easily. The incident response and threat hunting tools enable the hunters to perform a focused analysis using data stack or behavior anomaly techniques.

To effectively respond to incident, presence of EDR, Deception, APT & forensics tools has become new norm and industry standard.


Quickly respond and collect volatile artifacts


Have higher visibility on all the stages of the attack

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