Legal Advisory


Legal Advisory

Infosec Mates : Legal Advisory Service, Prevent unauthorized access. Meet global data compliance regulations.

Integrate privacy compliance and risk frameworks. Prevent security oversights.

Protecting individual and customer privacy is a major global concern and regulations such as EU DPD, GDPR, COPPA, PIPEDA, and US state laws have been established to address data security concerns. While data security is about safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII), privacy is about the rights and obligations of data controllers, processors, and data subjects.

Differences in geographic and jurisdictional requirements are forcing organizations to establish a dedicated team.

However, they have these concerns:

Solution Approach of Infosec Mates




Key advantages of leveraging our data protection services

Infosec Mates data protection services can enhance the resilience of your business infrastructure to internal and external threats. We have the expertise and experience to eliminate data losses, prevent data corruption and guard against any unauthorized access.

  • Market leader in implementation and optimization of data protection technology solutions.
  • Cross domain experience in developing strategy and implementation for privacy compliance.
  • Proven capabilities in developing insights into Personally Identifiable Information and sensitive data flows to implement right control strategies, optimize technology solutions, and response.
  • Data centric approach to security and vast consulting experience with leading clients across geographies.
  • Repository of global legal, regulatory, and industry privacy compliance requirements.
  • Comprehensive methodologies and toolkits aligned with industry standard best practices.

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