Identity and Access management Service

Identity And Access Management Solution

Identity and Access management Solution from Infosec Mates

Managing identities and access in your enterprise is more crucial than ever due to the increased regulatory requirements and attack vectors.

Infosec Mates Design and deploy the right IAM solution for your business The increased adoption of cloud, social and mobile technologies can challenge modern-day organizations to balance two seemingly contradictory imperatives. While you must facilitate near-continuous end-user access to trending apps and tools for enabling business growth, you must also protect sensitive enterprise information from security threats and breaches. These objectives, along with the added complexity of managing ever-evolving regulatory compliance requirements, make the efficient management of identities and access in your enterprise more crucial than ever. But without a design-led, risk and business-focused implementation of your goals, effective Identity And Access Management can be a challenging and cost-intensive effort. 

Identity And Access Management Solution
Solution Design

Align IAM with your business priorities

Custom Design & Deployment

Identity and Access Management Services for design and deployment from InfoSec Mates can enable more cost-efficient and effective access management, authentication, identity management and governance across your enterprise.  Our skilled security professionals enable improved governance—helping better manage the risk of unauthorized access to critical information—and link identity to actions within your organization. With a tailored design and implementation approach, Infosec Mates can reduce IAM process complexity and enable you to better meet your IT and business objectives. The solution will be designed to address the IAM needs across enterprise stakeholders including business owners, IT organizations, suppliers, customers and partners. By helping you better integrate IAM with business and HR functions using existing IT assets and resources, Infosec Mates can help drive cost effectiveness and efficiency in IAM operations. This approach helps streamline your current processes and uses an integrated technology framework and automation to enable more effective IAM implementation and maintenance.  We help the organization in deploying the appropriate IAM security solution   with  Multi-Phased approach which includes Design & Scoping, Implementation/Deployment &  Environment Baselining and Tuning

Leverage existing assets and automation


Manage regulatory compliance, strengthen security posture

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