Network security

Network Security Solution from Infosec Mates:


We board an age where technology is consistently ever-changing and cyber threats have become tougher to sight. Today’s organizations are turning to secure their  infrastructure whether or not  within the cloud, the data center, or both.  Our Network Security solutions enhance security while not impacting network performance, give a unified approach for efficient operations, and change you to scale for continued business growth. As our world becomes progressively digitized, we have a tendency to swear a lot on the internet and networks to operate. This successively needs that the internet and networks give us with reliable and secure service. we assist you in distinguishing the correct security solutions by an assessment of your environment and partnering with our technology partners to design, build and operate the Network security solutions in today’s complicated environment. InfosecMates will build Network security solutions to provide firms to get complete control over network and actively defend against adversary, our solutions can reduce the risks to any organization.

Network security

Defend against advanced phishing attack's

Email Security


Email could be a notably vital issue to think about when defining networking security solutions. Numerous vectors, like phishing, malware, and dubious connections, is appended to or consolidated into email messages. A substantial ton of those threats can frequently utilize these emails to show up all the more persuading.  it’s also essential to ensure that the staff undergo adequate security attentiveness and training program in getting ready to tell apart once the email is dubious. Email security solutions allows the organization to sift through emails for approaching threats and helps the organizations to proactively defend against email-based attacks.


Business Email Compromise is a Major challenge

Initial Compromise

Emails are often used attack vector

Infosec Mates Network Security Solutions


InfosecMates can build Network security solutions with Multi-Phased approach by partnering with technology partners which includes Design & Scoping, Implementation/Deployment & Environment Baselining and Tuning.


Firewalls are another common important component of a network security model. They primarily function as a gateway between a network and the wider internet. Firewalls filter incoming and outgoing traffic by inspecting data packets against predefined rules and policies. This prevents threats from accessing the network from the perimeter level. There are also host based firewalls which controls all incoming/outgoing traffic from end point to the network based on the preconfigured polices.


They persistently watch your network, identifying possible incidents by deep packet inspection and when there is a potential threat identified based on pre-configured signatures or anomaly detection algorithm, alerts would be triggered to the interested parties. In addition, some organizations use IDS/IPS for identifying problems with security policies and deterring individuals from violating security policies. IDS/IPS have become a necessary addition to the security infrastructure of most organizations, precisely because they can stop attackers while they are gathering information about your network. It is always better to stop the attacker during the early stages of the attack.

Web security

Web proxies offers enhanced web security and it limit’s internet access for employees with the intention of preventing users from accessing site’s that could cause a potential harm to the organization. Proxy defends effectively against web-based threats such as Malware, phishing and acts as a gateway between organization and web.

Data loss prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) technologies help the organization to prevent information disclosures of confidential or sensitive data outside the organization network. DLP can be operated at web, email & endpoint layersand prevent actions that could potentially exfiltrate data by bad actors or insiders outside the organization network.

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