Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud Security Solutions from Infosec Mates:


Cloud security is a combination of set of security controls that essentially group to protect the data that reside in the cloud. These security measures are configured to shield cloud data, support regulatory compliance and protect customers’ privacy still as setting authentication rules for individual users and devices. From authenticating access to filtering server or user’s traffic, cloud security will be configured to the precise needs of the business. and since these rules will be configured and managed in one place, administration overheads are reduced, and IT teams empowered to specialize in other areas of the business

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Cloud Computing

More sophisticated threats are targeted against cloud since the successful attempts will give access to a treasure of data.

Why is cloud security imperative?


When business transform their infrastructure to cloud, it is very important to select a matured and industry best and proven cloud security solution.  Threats are constantly emerging and getting complicated, it is very important to note that cloud computing is no way a less preferred target for the adversary that the traditional deployment models.  it is very crucial to identify the correct cloud services security provider who provides the tailored approach and very matured security policies & control to protect your infrastructure. The successful implementation of cloud security control is always dependent on the equal responsibility of business and the cloud security solution provider.

Access control

Effectively control access to data


Secure the data in cloud

Cloud security benefits


We help the organization in deploying the appropriate cloud security solution   with staged approach which includes Security by Design principle& Appropriate Scoping, Deployment & Environment Baselining and Tuning as per the needs. Cloud security has a whole list of advantages, but not limited to the one’s listed below.

Manage it centrally

In today’s world, cloud IT infrastructure consist of multiple software's and servers such as Content filtering, Email filtering, Exchange, AV or VDI environment etc. Managing the security policy and updates across these multiple servers has increasing becoming difficult. Centralized security focuses on managing the security policy, updates, ACL across all these software's and tools

Scalable & Reliable

Cloud computing offer a definitive in constancy and reliability. With the correct cloud safety efforts set up, clients can securely access the information and applications inside the cloud regardless of where they are or what end device they are utilizing.

Reduction of Cost &Administration overheads

One of the advantages of using cloud security is that it wipes out the need to put resources into devoted infrastructure. In addition to the fact that this reduces capital use, yet it likewise decreases regulatory overheads. Instead of responding to security issues reactively, cloud security conveys proactive security includes that offer Protection all day, every day with almost no human intercession. Whenever the organization choose the reliable and proven security platform, it become possible to stay away from the cumbersome manual security policy configuration and security updates. These configurations can have an enormous impact on the assets, however when you move them to the cloud, the management occurs in one spot and is completely overseen and managed more effectively.

The competitive advantage


It is very important that organizations have total trust in their Cloud computing security and that all information, infrastructure, frameworks and applications are shielded from information disclosure and leakage.

Transform Your IT Environment

Infosec Mates helps the organization in their transformation journey on the cloud adoption. We design solutions to help the clients to move to cloud with security by design principle.

Ease of Integration

Infosec Mates security solutions are designed to integrate with existing security tool suite to streamline your operations. Synchronize your Management server with the cloud to better efficacy.

Deployment model options

Move data and applications to public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, and software-defined data center (SDDC) while extending your layers of security across your entire multi-cloud environment.

Telemetry& Ingestion

Seamlessly send your configuration and security data to your centralized server

Regulation and Compliance

Manage the. compliance and regulatory requirements effectively.

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