Application Security & Data Security

Application Security & Data Security Solutions from Infosec Mates:


According to recently published report by Veracode, 83% of nearly 85ksoftware’s that has been tested has at least one security Vulnerability. They found a total of over10 million software vulnerabilities, and 20% of them had least one high severity flaw. Not all of those vulnerabilities present a significant security risk, but thenumberof discovered vulnerabilities is worrisome.

Application security is the process of making apps more secure by identifying and fixing the vulnerabilities at all stages of lifecycle of the software. As usually said, the earlier is always is always better. When the flaw is detected at the early stages, if is often easy to remediate. This is becoming more important as adversaries increasingly target applications and nowadays the backdoors with in the third-partysoftware’s is a major threat to any organization.

The time taken to remediate the vulnerability is key to secure your software and chose the right priority model will ensure the timely remediation of the vulnerabilities. We help the organization in deploying the Application & Data security tools with Multi-Phased approach which includes Design & Scoping, Implementation/Deployment & Environment Baselining and Tuning

Application Security & Data Security
DB Alerts

Identify immediately when critical DB commands are excuted

Data Security:​


Data is the key for any business to become successful and can ensure sustainable growth. Protecting the data, securing it with an enterprise level data strategy and Zero trust approach is paramount. Unfortunately, adversaries also the realize the importance of data and constantlyseek to exploit the vulnerabilities to put our valuable data at risk.

Data Security solutions from InfoSec Mates helps the organizations to have a greater control and visibility of your data to a greater extent, which enable to remediate threats and enforcement of real time controls to completely secure your data.  With deployment of Data security solution, Data discovery & Classification, real time monitoring of access to data, detecting unauthorized access to data can be achieved at scale.  It also helps to gain greater visibility of data across all datastores, and helps to automate any compliance or regulatory related requirements.

InfoSec Mates assist you in distinguishing the correct security solutions by an assessment of your environment and partnering with our technology partners to design, build and operate the Application & Data security solutions in today’s complicated environment. Infosec Mates will build security solutions to provide firms to get complete control over environment and actively defend against adversary, our solutions can reduce the risks to any organization to greater extent.


Protect the integrity of your data

High Visibility

Have a very high visibility of the access to critical data

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