Managed Application Security


Infosec Mates provides comprehensive risk insights and automated vulnerability triage, streamlining application protection while allowing DevOps to react to threats faster.


Quantifying the risk associated with an application is a challenge in a modern IT environment. A typical application has many different components and layers that are each scanned independently using different vulnerability scanning tools. Infosec Mates provides a comprehensive risk score for each application and enables your AppSec team to Correlate all scan results for each application, monitor risk in its entirety, and report the complete risk picture for applications to their respective product owners.


Most organizations bake vulnerability scanning tools into their CI/CD processes and use the scan results as release gates, but that is only Step 1 towards a mature application security program. By consolidating scan results, Infosec Mates enables you to correlate vulnerabilities and monitor risk for an application, regardless of the component scanned or tool used. Monitor progress and measure performance of your AppSec program over time, while automating alerting, ticketing, and reporting for any tool used in your pipeline.


One of the most time-consuming parts of AppSec programs is vulnerability triage. Each vulnerability must be evaluated, prioritized, and assigned the correct developer or team for a fix. Infosec Mates automates this process to save you time and greatly accelerate the vulnerability triage process. Enjoy bi-directional integrations with ticketing systems and issue trackers, flexible rules to fully automate your vulnerability triage process, and real-time views of all active vulnerabilities across your entire application portfolio.

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