Governance, Risk and Compliance

Infosec Mate's GRC

Infosec Mates helps organizations to connect and visualize information about policy, risks, and regulations in an integrated way that makes the relationship between business and IT-related goals visible. The insight generated by Infosec Mates supports a business outcome-driven approach to IT management and governance.

The Infosec Mates software also functions as a central repository for all governance and risk documentation, which creates the opportunity for impact analysis and compliance reports to be generated and published to internal or external stakeholders. Infosec Mates facilitates compliance with the industry specific regulations and standards.


Our Approach To GRC


    Traditional GRC solutions focus on individuals and individual functions within an organization, which inhibits the ability to understand risks at an enterprise level. Leverage Infosec Mates GRC services to create insight into the entire risk landscape and to communicate those risks with the business. According to industry analysts, forecasting critical risks is getting increasingly difficult and the leading obstacle is the inability to facilitate cross-organization collaboration. Infosec Mates GRC services provides a user-friendly solution, that facilitates enterprise-wide collaboration.


    Many organizations find themselves managing their governance, risk and compliance initiatives in isolated silos. Yet, the ever-growing regulatory environment and increased focus on accountability makes it imperative to manage risk and compliance initiatives in an integrated fashion. Infosec Mates services for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) helps organizations determine how changes in laws and regulations will impact business processes, related business units and overall corporate strategy


    Audits are an expensive and disruptive process for most organizations. However, using Infosec Mates services for GRC will help increase the efficiency of internal and external audits. All documentation and it’s organizational context can be stored and managed directly from Infosec Mates GRC services, which allows you to stay audit-ready. This helps reduce operational disruption by limiting the number of search/gather exercises that an organization experiences every year.


    Better risk management leads to a reduction in extinguishing small fires, which creates more focus on substantive issues and corporate strategy. Increased transparency into risk and compliance results in a more efficient and effective organization and improved business performance .When it is clear who does what, when and how, the auditor can quickly see that the business is compliant.

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The Governance Module is based on the Industry specific regulations and standards. The controls represent high-priority, highly effective defensive actions that provide a “must-do, do-first” starting point for organizations seeking to improve their cyber defence.


Infosec Mates adopts a holistic and comprehensive approach to cyber risk management. We have the expertise to establish cybersecurity strategies, define roadmaps, develop policies and procedures and manage cyber risks. Our proven methodology leverages several industry standard best practices depending on the region, industry, and context.


Identify security gaps and missing controls. Get strategic recommendations from our certified security and legal consultants to improve your security posture and better protect your critical data assets against vulnerabilities and intrusions.

Legal Advisory

Protecting individual and customer privacy is a major global concern and regulations such as EU DPD, GDPR, COPPA, PIPEDA, and US state laws have been established to address data security concerns. While data security is about safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII), privacy is about the rights and obligations of data controllers, processors, and data subjects.

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Why Choose Infosec Mates for GRC?

Our main Goal is to Protect your data, so that you don’t worry about possible data breaches. We are client-centric and believe Your success becomes our success. We integrate into our client business and we ensure that Our Services are client specific not generic. We go beyond detection to find results and see that the Risks identified are mitigated with proper controls. Detection is the beginning not the end. And We understand the regulatory framework. Regulatory SMEs are assigned to our clients

Our alerts that are relevant, reducing false alerts​

Our Reports are customized based on customer requirements and their specific needs​

We are organized by industry vertical to ensure resources assigned understand client business​

Our experienced team will ensure that we Identify of incidents as per SLAs and provide the best support.

Our GRC Practice understands the industry regulations​

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