Continuous and experienced device management. Smart investment.

Outdated software and unmanaged devices can leave your company open to cyber threats. We help businesses manage their security infrastructure and protect their critical assets while providing them the ability to leverage their technology investments sooner and longer.

Infosec Mates provides continuous enhancement for your infrastructure to keep up to date with the latest patches, network configuration changes and security policies.

Are your IT teams stretched thin, resulting in ineffective infrastructure and frustrated staff? Security device management is an absolutely essential — but often overlooked — task for IT teams in all industries. Unfortunately for many businesses, their in-house team has too much on their plate to make the analysis of logs and management of infrastructure a priority.

Get the most out of your security investment

Infosec Mates works with companies to increase the value of the infrastructure they have already heavily invested in. We aim to relieve the anxiety of your IT team by implementing security, incident and change management practices that ensure your security technology investment is being properly configured and tuned, by our team of certified experts. Our partnerships with industry-leading security technology companies put Infosec Mates at the forefront of the device security industry. We actively work with our technology partners on development, implementing best practices and ensuring we are bringing a level of experience to the table that is simply impossible for businesses to match in-house.

Completely managed or co-managed solutions

We work closely with in-house teams to implement systems that allow organizations to focus on the core of their business, while we handle the device management. We can also provide a co-managed solution that allows Infosec Mates to work closely with your IT team through a common change management system and process.


Our managed security device management solutions can help your company with:

  • Device configuration and tuning
  • Updates and patch management
  • Flexible SLAs to match customer needs
  • Monitoring of log threat detection
  • 24/7 escalation and context-aware alerting

Your IT teams are busy. Too busy to properly monitor every device that your business uses for critical business systems, but that doesn’t make device configuration and monitoring less important. Our team of certified IT security professionals will work with your team to develop and implement device management systems that mesh with your existing infrastructure and free your teams to focus on critical aspects of your business.

Whether your objective is to secure your enterprise, achieve compliance, or both, success may even seem impossible at times. You receive unmetered remediation assistance and security consultation round-the-clock from our certified security experts.

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