Incident Analysis Service

Get Swift Analysis of Which Alerts Are Incidents

Get forensic automation and skilled analysts to investigate threats for attack chain, impact, and threat actors.

Don’t chase alerts manually; get advanced machine algorithm scored, correlated, and enriched threat data. Our scoring input includes external intelligence, asset value, vulnerabilities, propagation, and attacker behaviour to help you respond to threats faster.

For increased accuracy, our incident analysts validate the machine data. So, alerts are no longer managed by arbitrary rules, and your organization is no longer constrained by the limits of your security staff.

Determine if an incident has occurred and the likely levels of damage associated with it. All alerts are investigated for their likely impact, blast radius, and attacker attributes.

By maximizing breadth of coverage before incident analysis and the depth of analysis after triaging, Infosec Mates optimizes the effectiveness at each stage.

See the impact on targeted assets, including current asset activity, changes in the asset, and the indicators of compromise. If you have compliance alerts that do not need triage, we add contextual information to help you make sense from alerts.

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