Threat Anticipation Service

Artifacts such as IP reputation or filenames are not useful without deeper analysis into attack methods and how that can occur in your unique context. We churn out threat intelligence, validate, and apply them to your context to provide precise steps to detect, respond and mitigate global threats.

Infosec Mate's Threat Anticipation Service

We continuously collect threat data from a variety of threat intelligence feeds

We then analyze this data to determine which threats your organization can safely ignore-and which you need to prepare for now. We bring two actionable outcomes: tactical threat intel and strategic threat intel.

You receive our validated and curated threat intelligence in a machine-readable format.

The content includes malicious IPs, URLs, files, hashes, processes, and signatures.

You can apply this data to your security products and IT devices at machine speed and quickly improve your prevention, detection, and response to threats.

We analyze globally reported breaches and attacks, and extract key intelligence from the data.

These could be malware samples, reverse engineered IOCs, specific TTPs used in the attack, the CVEs that are exploited, and other relevant data on attacks.

And based on intelligence we extract from unstructured breach data, we put together specific action items that you specifically must deploy to prevent, and respond to these reported breaches.

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